Saturday, June 4, 2011

Picasso and Arianna, Kröner and Bernstein, Sifton and Art, etc. [Collected]

Sam Falls, Untitled, 2011. Digital C-print and collage, 31 x 24 in., in "Out of Practice," curated by Nudashank, at Art Blog Art Blog, New York, through June 18, 2011.
  • "The Picasso Wars": Arianna Huffington and her "portrait of the artist as a bad man." A "dog of a book," says Robert Hughes, in 1988. [New York on Google Books]
  • Sharon Butler on career advice for artists and "Reverie," a group show curated by artist Stephen Westfall at Galerie Zürcher that includes Shirley Jaffe, Stanley Whitney, Patricia Treib, Westfall, and others. "Yeah — it's OK to include your own work if you're curating the show," Butler writes. [Two Coats of Paint]
  • Magdalena Kröner interviews Judith Bernstein: Kröner: "Why does the subject matter of your work continue to be controversial?" Bernstein: "The connection between screw and phallus, present in much of my work, touches upon many sensitive aspects that exist in the subconscious. Men especially can feel intimidated by the scale of a work... [ART BLOG ART BLOG]
  • "Invitations are style statements in a minor key, ancillary artworks of a collective sort. Designed by artists, by graphic designers, by art dealers and museum curators — usually a combination of the above — they are the advance guard for the real thing. Their merit is judged in the very act of reading one's mail." — Roberta Smith, "Art Invitations as Small Scraps of History," the New York Times, May 16, 1993
  • The Class of 2011: Curator and writer Jamillah James posts highlights from recent New York MFA exhibitions. [Frontiers]
  • "Tom Harris ... cooks lamb sweetbreads with butter beans and wild garlic that can set off an episode of synesthesia if you are so inclined: a Constable landscape of flavors and textures, of menacing clouds and plump trees and soft grass for the lamb, Britain on a plate." New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton's art references are growing deeper and richer and continuing to flow. [16 Miles]
  • June 4: "Leverage," with Sonja Engelhardt, Luke Stettner, Gustabo Velazquez, and Claudia Weber, opens at Jo-ey Tang's Notary Public space on the Upper East Side. [TNP via ROLU]
  • June 4: In SoHo, Los Angeles–based artist Wu Tsang unveils his New York solo debut, which includes a video about a 15-year-old Salvadorian refugee who arrives in L.A. in 1985 and is befriended by trans women at a local bar. [Clifton Benevento]
  • June 5: "A+" — a three-day group show at Bushwick's ARCH Production & Design NYC Studio with work by Ivin Ballen, Evan Collier, Meghan Petras, Adriana Santiago, and more — closes. Curated by Claudia Eve Beauchesne, the exhibition includes "allusions to dome culture, inflatable architecture, minimalism, kitsch, the surf and skate subcultures, abstract expressionism, mid-century modern design and obsolete technology." [Bushwick Open Studios]
  • June 6: The Museum of Modern Art's "Picasso: Guitars 1912–1914," the most entrancing museum show of the New York season, closes. It feels like it only just arrived. [MoMA]

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