Thursday, May 14, 2020

Dorothy Iannone's Zuppa Inglese

The zuppa inglese. (Food photography: an art I have not yet mastered.)

There are many reasons to love Dorothy Iannone. Now 87, she has spent a lifetime making wildly colorful, utterly captivating artworks that are about pleasure—and that impart pleasure. Everyone is naked in her paintings, and everyone is having a great time, especially the women, who are typically in charge of the scene, reigning as benevolent deities.

Iannone has also been an unwavering crusader against censorship, famously filing the suit in 1961 that led to the overturning of the ban on Henry Miller’s work in the United States.

And there is still more: she is, in addition, a tremendous chef and baker, as evidenced by a hand-drawn cookbook she began assembling in 1968, which was published by JRP Ringier last year. She started on the project, she’s written, because she wanted “to have my favorite recipes always with me when I cooked for my peripatetic beloved who, although he loved the experience of arriving somewhere, loved even more the going away.” (That beloved was artist Dieter Roth.)

During the global lockdown, Iannone’s French gallery Air de Paris, has been blogging up a storm on a page called Open Air, and a few days ago it posted her recipe for the Italian delicacy known as zuppa inglese, a layering of custard and sponge cake. (The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets—which I am thrilled to learn exists—has a great entry on its possible origins. Don’t call it a trifle!)

A close-up, with apricots substituted for peaches.

I attempted to assemble the dessert this week, and while I could not get my cakes to rise quite as much as I would have liked, the result was still satisfying. Give it a try. It takes a bit of time, but requires only a few ingredients, making it ideal for right now.

Iannone’s recipe calls for four layers of cake, each doused with white rum and sandwiched around three layers of custard, flavored respectively with vanilla, more rum, and crème de cacao. The whole pile is then bedecked with a bounty of whipped cream, strawberries, and peaches. (Unable to locate the latter, I opted for apricots.)

At first glance, this is a decadent beast of a dessert, but the sponge and the whipped cream lend the whole affair an airy buoyancy. Not unlike Iannone’s art, it is a sweet committed to gratification that is joyous and light and never weighed down by any notion of guilt. It is also very, very boozy, exuding some of the heady energy of her erotic paintings. Perhaps best of all (and this is very fitting), as the zuppa sits in the fridge longer and longer, it just keeps getting richer and richer, more filled with intricate flavors, more intoxicating.

Previously: a butterscotch pudding celebrated by the great Lutz Bacher, who died exactly one year ago.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Quarantine Qontent

An anonymous art installation in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, April 23, 2020.

Here's a continually updated list of art material to enjoy while galleries are closed. Most of the items resulted from the lockdown; a few other items join them.

  • Artists and Recipes: Artist Abby Lloyd has tapped dozens of artists—Joshua AbelowTisch Abelow, Gina Beavers, and Robin Winters among them—to contribute recipes for a cookbook. Super fun design.
  • Perilla: Edited by curator Jamie Sterns, who runs the enterprising Interstate Projects in Brooklyn, this is a cookbook in the most wonderfully loose sense of the word, with toothsome recipes sharing space with poems, collages, and short essays, by some 30 artists and writers, including Rose Salane, Priscilla Jeong, Bryce Gates, and more. (I contributed an essay on the Stettheimers' dinner parties.)
  • Chicken Soup: Chef Mina Stone, who helms MoMA PS1's delicious cafe, is sharing recipes from artists, including Dara Friedman's “Perfectly Whatever” chicken soup and Anicka Yi's potent, enlivening lemon pasta.
  • Open Air: Paris's excellent Air de Paris gallery, which shows Trisha Donnelly, Lily van der Stokker, and Adriana Lara, has been blogging up a storm, posting videos, poems, drawings, and other material, much of it sent in by its artists. One highlight: Dorothy Iannone's recipe for Zuppa Inglese.
  • "Always on My Mind": Alex Israel files an essay about the first decade of his art, a piece finished while in quarantine lockdown.
  • An Empty Met: As New York's cultural institutions go dark, Jason Farago pays a visit to the museum to see Anthony van Dyck's Saint Rosalie Interceding for the Plague-stricken of Palermo (1624).
  • Helter Shelter: The painter Whitney Claflin speaks with Domenick Ammirati about surviving in New York. "For the past few years, I’ve been living illegally in the leaky garage of a former funeral parlor . . ."
  • Maintenance Art: I wrote about the incredible Mierle Laderman Ukeles and what art can do in a pandemic.
  • Evolution: The dealer Mitchell Algus asks if a more egalitarian art world can emerge from the market's move online.
  • Mortality and the Old Masters: Peter Schjeldahl visits Las Meninas. Heaven.
  • We/Us/Our: Kara Walker on a post-lockdown world.
  • Snoopy: The official Snoopy YouTube channel reveals how to draw the beloved character.
  • Augment the Virtual: The sculptor Ajay Kurian hosts video chats with artists whose shows have been shuttered by the pandemic, like Uri Aran, Brandon Ndife, and Farah Al Qasimi.
  • The Artist's Edit: Gavin Brown's Enterprise has been asking its artists to compile YouTube playlists, which have been very strong. Start with LaToya Ruby Frazier's expansive ode to labor.
  • Whitney Screens: The New York institution is streaming a different video work every Friday at 7 p.m. EDT. Alex Da Corte's majestic Rubber Pencil Devil (2018) kicked off the series.
  • Gerhard Richter Painting: The Metropolitan Museum of Art has this hypnotic documentary free to all.
  • Show & Tell: Public Art Fund curator Daniel S. Palmer has been doing charming video sessions with artists such as Emily Mae Smith and Paa Joe.
  • Film Fridays: Martos Galley is hosting a new video work on its website each Friday, through the weekend. Entries so far have come from Michel Auder and Devin Troy Strother, Mandy Harris Williams, and Alima Lee.
  • The Fine Art Quarantine Coloring Book: organized by curator Brooke Wise, with contributions from Brian Calvin, Hayden Dunham, Hein Koh, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Raymond Pettibon, Robert Nava, Sayre Gomez, and almost 20 more.
  • The Getty Coloring Book: The august L.A. institution is offering a chance to color everything from an ancient Roman mosaic to Vincent van Gogh's Irises (1889).
  • Louise Lawler’s Tracings: the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which hosted a superb survey of the gimlet-eyed photographer's work in 2017, has a dozen tracings of her works that she made in collaboration with Jon Buller. Heavenly.
  • The Studio Museum: The Harlem stalwart has pages, ready to be bedecked with color, from artists like E.B. Lewis and Paul Rogers.
  • High as Fuck: Most online art exhibitions are bland, banal affairs—JPEGs floating in space. Whatever you think of Josh Smith's entry into the field, it is certainly not boring. He's installed his latest paintings and some older ceramics on the roof of his Brooklyn home. In accompanying videos, he is on hand as deadpan narrator and gracious host. A little unhinged, and very wonderful, I say. (Some disagree.) A special bonus: sign the guestbook (in a manner of speaking) and you are sent a printable PDF of the show's pamphlet.
  • Bodybuilding: On its website, Performa is presenting this video-rich exhibition that examines how architects and designers have used performance. The stacked roster has been assembled by Charles Aubin, of Performa, and Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, of ArkDes in Stockholm, as an extension of the eponymous book they edited with RoseLee Goldberg.
  • Something I Saw: Every day, writer and curator Kimberly Drew is mailing an artwork—typically a piquant, poignant one—to your inbox, "until we're done."
  • Creative Capital: The nonprofit has compiled a lengthy, essential list of grants and funding available for people and organizations in the arts and is updating it as new initiatives are announced.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Lutz Bacher's Butterscotch Pudding

The pudding.

In 2008, Lutz Bacher, the relentlessly inventive artist who died on Tuesday, presented a recipe for butterscotch pudding as the press release for her show at Ratio 3 in San Francisco. Last night, I made it for the first time, and I cannot recommend it enough. It's extremely rich—1 cup of cream, 2 cups of milk, half a stick of butter—and quite boozy. (Two tablespoons of whisky, scotch, or brandy—I went with Hennessy cognac.) A beguiling depth and a heady kick: that's not unlike Bacher’s art.

Does the recipe tell us anything about her famously varied, enigmatic practice? It’s a fairly straightforward text, but there are two intriguing flourishes.

In its first step, the recipe says that, as you are melting the butter in a saucepan, “Do not let the butter sizzle and separate. If this happens, discard it and get new butter.” Start with the right base, in other words. Do not proceed until it is just right.

But then, in its final step, the tone shifts slightly. After explaining how to avoid having skin form on the pudding’s surface, the text states, “I like a little skin, as it is a defining characteristic of home cooked pudding to me!”

There’s a push-pull there between a taut, concise foundation and letting a little bit of chance, of imperfection, sneak in. It’s tempting to spend some time teasing that out. But then there is also this: a Google search suggests that the recipe originated in a 2006 blog post by the pastry chef Dana Salls Cree.

Did Bacher like the language of the recipe, the resulting pudding, both? I’ve reached out to Cree, who runs a delectable-looking business in Chicago called Pretty Cool Ice Cream, for more information and will update this if I hear back.

Update: Reached by email, Cree told me that she did not know Bacher and was not aware that her recipe had been used in the press release. "I feel incredibly honored to have been woven into her world in some small way," she said.

"In the culinary world you almost always see who you are impacting directly, it is a very personal transaction," she continued. "But with writing your audience is invisible. What a delight to see where one of my recipes landed, and how it took on a new life with this artist's press release. I wonder where it went from there!"

As for her source for the recipe, Cree said that she thought she based it on one by the pastry chef David Lebovitz. "Maybe I’ll make some butterscotch pudding this weekend," she signed off. Having already made a decent dent in my batch, I think I might join her.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Florine Stettheimer: A Map of Public Collections Holding Her Work

Seeing a painting by Florine Stettheimer is a rare pleasure, in at least two distinct senses. First, she was one of the 20th century's true originals, an avowed modernist who created humorous, sensuous, action-packed, rococo scenes of life in the United States. Her works are rich with white and pinks, depictions of friends and family, in-jokes and art-historical allusions. There is no one else like her. But second, she was not particularly prolific, and rarely parted with her paintings. When she died, in 1944, at the age of 72, she still owned most of her works, and it was left to her sister Ettie Stettheimer to decide what to do with them.

Over the next 20 or so years, Ettie, and later, the family's attorney, Joseph Solomon, reportedly donated about 45 works to 37 institutions around the United States, and gave another 50 to Columbia University in New York. After that, they largely sat in storage. But thanks to pioneering writing by Linda Nochlin and Barbara Bloemink, and shows at the ICA Boston, the Katonah Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of Art, in the 1980s and '90s, museums owning Stettheimers began to display them more regularly. (Lenbachhaus in Munich also organized a remarkable show in 2014, and the Jewish Museum will stage another next year.)

Every time I visit new city, I try to see if a Stettheimer is nearby and pay it a visit while stopping by museums and galleries, but a few times I have had the painful experience of returning home and realizing that I had missed one. And so I have made a little map, embedded above, which shows where Stettheimers are located. It is not quite complete: I have worked off of checklists for various exhibitions featuring her work, but if you know of other places holding her work, please let me know. (A note: both Columbia and the Museum of Modern Art in New York own more pieces than I have added to the map, but I wanted to avoid crowding New York with dots, and it's worth noting that most of those works are rarely available to the public.)

A few Stettheimers are also in private hands, mostly her elegant and amusing paintings of flowers, but also New York/Liberty (1918), which has been on loan in recent years to the Whitney and, most notoriously, Asbury Park South (1920), which Fisk University sold off to help shore up its finances a few years back. Here's hoping that the collectors lucky enough to own a Stettheimer consider finding a nice, loving home for it in a public institution.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Index, 2006–Present

Douglas Gordon, List of Names (Random), 1990–ongoing, on view at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, in 2010. The work is a list of every person that the artist can recall meeting. It continues to grow.

Michele Abeles link
Joshua Abelow link link
Tisch Abelow link link link
Marina Abramovic link link link link
Vito Acconci link link
Franz Ackermann link
Wayne Adams link
Bas Jan Ader link
Justin Adian link
AIDS-3D link
Ai Weiwei link
Ricci Albenda link
Darren Almond link link
Paweł Althamer link link
Afruz Amighi link
Laurie Anderson link
Sam Anderson link
Sörine Anderson link
Teppei Ando link
Ant Farm link
Polly Apfelbaum link link
Juan José Aquerreta link
Edgardo Aragón link
Ei Arakawa link
Uri Aran link link
Diane Arbus link link
Cory Arcangel link link
Edgar Arceneaux link link link
Maria José Arjona link
Nancy Arlen link
Arman link link link
Fabienne Audéoud link
Tauba Auerbach link link link
Aaron Aujla link
André Avelãs link

Inna Babaeva link
Milton Babbitt link
Olivier Babin link
Lutz Bacher link link
Jo Baer link link link
John Baldessari link link link link
Taylor Baldwin link
Ivin Ballen link link
Antonio Ballester Moreno link
Lisha Bai link
Martin Barré link
Judith Barry link
Robert Barry link
Gregory Barsamian link link
Rachel Beach link
Mark Beasley link
Gina Beavers link link
Nina Beier & Marie Lund link link
Michael Bell-Smith link
Joseph Beuys link link
Sadie Benning link
Katherine Bernhardt link
Judith Bernstein link
Mike Bidlo link
Black Dice link
Jerry Blackman link
Alison Blickle link
Barbara Bloom link
Mel Bochner link
Lee Bontecou link link
Monica Bonvicini link link
Keil Borrman link
Pierre Boulez link
Louise Bourgeois link link link
Andrea Bowers link
Martin Boyce link
Travis Boyer link
Joe Bradley link
Sarah Braman link
Kerstin Bräsch link link
Judith Braun link
George Brecht link
Ethan Breckenridge link
Patrick Brennan link
Freddie Brice link
AA Bronson and Peter Hobbs link
Marcel Broodthaers link link link
Amanda Browder link
Trisha Brown link link
Bruce High Quality Foundation link link link
Angela Bulloch link
Chris Burden link
Ernesto Burgos link
Kathe Burkhart link link
A. K. Burns link
Andrew Bush link

John Cage link link
Santiago Calatrava link
Alexander Calder link link link
Sophie Calle link
Matteo Callegari link
Robin Cameron link
Elaine Cameron-Weir link link
Nina Canell link
Borden Capalino link
Cornelius Cardew link
E. A. Carmean, Jr. link
Anthony Caro link
Lien Carrazana link
Maurizio Cattelan link link link link link
Nick Cave link
Matthew Cerletty link
Paul Cézanne link
Alejandro Cesarco link
Matthew Chambers link
Paul Chan link
Patty Chang link
Kris Chatterson link
Howie Chen link
Olga Chernysheva link
Christopher Chiappa link
David Choi link
Heman Chong link
Brian Clifton link
Chuck Close link
Kyle Clyde link
Tyler Coburn link
Dan Colen link link link
Peter Coffin link
Graham Collins link link
Susan Collis link
Gianna Commito link
George Condo link
Keith Connolly link link
Caleb Considine link
Vince Contarino link
Cooper link
Anne-Lise Coste link
Will Cotton link link
Jessica Craig-Martin link
Tony Cragg link
Ann Craven link
Martin Creed link link link link
Cody Critcheloe link
Zoe Crosher link
R. Crumb link
Robert Cuoghi link
Aaron Curry link link
Joy Curtis link

Alex Da Corte link link
Allan D'Arcangelo link link
Das Institut link link
Davis/Langlois link
Sean Dack link
Salvador Dalí link link
Hanne Darboven link
Moyra Davey link
Tacita Dean link
Manon de Boer link
Guy Debord link link
Michel de Broin link
Nancy de Holl link
Matt Deleget link
Anne Deleport link
Walter De Maria link
Joe Denardo link
Liz Deschenes link
Louise Despont link
Philip-Lorca diCorcia link
Mark Dion link
Jim Dine link
Dis link
Mark di Suvero link link
Nathalie Djurberg link
Hansjoerg Dobliar link
Peter Doig link
Willi Dorner link
Jim Drain link
Dr. Lakra link link link
Marcel Duchamp link link link link link
Sam Durant link link
Jimmie Durham link link
Marcel Dzama link
DZINE link

Maria Eichhorn link
Nezaket Ekici link
Olafur Eliasson link
Elmgreen & Dragset link link
Tracey Emin link link
Leandro Erlich link link link
Dick Evans link
Walker Evans link
Kota Ezawa link

Matias Faldbakken link link
Sam Falls link link
Anoka Faruqee link
Alaina Feldman link
Tony Feher link
Rachel Feinstein link
Gerald Ferguson link
Ana Teresa Fernández link
Jackie Ferrara link link
Keltie Ferris link
Fierce Pussy link
Radamés “Juni” Figueroa link
Robert Filliou link
Spencer Finch link
R.M. Fischer link
Urs Fischer link link link
Fischerspooner link
Fischli/Weiss link
Stacy Fisher link link
Dan Flavin link link link link link link
Mark Flood link
Ryan Foerster link link
Lucie Fontaine link
Lucio Fontana link
Thomas Fougeirol link
Brendan Fowler link link link link link link
Leonard Freed link
Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe link
Casper David Friedrich link
Joachim "YoYo" Friedrich link
Martha Friedman link
Dan Friel link
Joe Fyfe link

Gabriel Galeano link
Ryan Gander link
Frank Gehry link link link
Gelitin link link
Gaylen Gerber link
Lukas Geronimas link link
Simryn Gill link
Liam Gillick link link
Kate Gilmore link
Shaun Gladwell link
Liz Glynn link link
Rochelle Goldberg link
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster link link
Félix González-Torres link link link link link link
Douglas Gordon link
Kim Gordon link link link
Meghan Gordon link
Antony Gormley link
Michelle Grabner link
Dan Graham link link link link
Grand Openings link
Jim Green link
Matt Greene link
Ethan Greenbaum link
Tue Greenfort link link
Mark Grotjahn link
Mario Grubisic link
Nuria Güell link
Mauricio Guillén link
Barkev Gulesserian link
Andreas Gursky link
Kayla Guthrie link
Wade Guyton link link
Guyton\Walker link link
Fabrice Gygi link

Hans Haacke link link
Karl Haendal link
Marcia Hafif link
Frank Haines link link
David Hall link
Peter Halley link
Tamar Halpern link
Ray Hamilton link
David Hammons link
Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg link
Dave Hardy link
Keith Haring link
Kerry Hassler link
Halsey Hathaway link link
Paula Hayes link
Sharon Hayes link
Jason Hedges link
Conelia Hediger link
Mary Heilmann link
Hunter Hunt Hendrix link
Corin Hewitt link
Patrick Hill link link link
Thomas Hirschhorn link
Jim Hodges link
Nina Hoffmann link
Dennis Hollingsworth link
Katie Holten link
Wopo Holup link
Jenny Holzer link
Roni Horn link
Jonathan Horowitz link
Christine Shan Shan Hou link
John Houck link
Thomas Houseago link link
Otis Houston, Jr. link
Tehching Hsieh link
Katherine Hubbard link
Gary Hume link
David Humphrey link
Jacqueline Humphries link
James Hyde link link

Dorothy Iannone link link
Inaba link
Robert Irwin link link link link link
Alex Israel link

Alfredo Jaar link link
Patrick Jackson link link
Xylor Jane link link
Alex Jasch link
Charles Jencks link
Chantal Joffe link
Jasper Johns link link link
Matt Johnson link
Rashid Johnson link
Matt Jones link
Ryan Jones link
Pamela Jorden link
Donald Judd link
Charles Juhasz-Alvarado link

Rose Kallal link
Faten Kanaan link
Allan Kaprow link link
Deborah Kass link link
Jacob Kassay link link link link
Alex Katz link
On Kawara link link link link link link link
Kristen Kee link
Matt Keegan link link
Mary Reid Kelley link link
Ellsworth Kelly link link
Zerek Kempf link
Zilvinas Kempinas link
Richard Kennedy link
André Kértesz link
Anselm Kiefer link link
Anya Kielar link link
Lucy Kim link
Benjamin King link
Robert Kinmont link
Martin Kippenberger link
Per Kirkeby link
Zak Kitnick link link link link
Esther Kläs link link
Gustav Klimt link
Franz Kline link
Josh Kline link
Lucas Knipscher link
Wednesday Knudsen link
Osamu Kobayashi link
Jutta Koether link
Terence Koh link link link
Koo Jeong A link
Jeff Koons link link link link link link
Paul Kopkau link
Richard Kostelanetz link
Joseph Kosuth link
Thomas Kovachevich link link
Gereon Krebber link
Barbara Kruger link link link
Shaun Krupa link
Tetsumi Kudo link
Gary Kuehn link
Andrew Kuo link
Denise Kupferschmidt link link
Ajay Kurian link
Shawn Kuruneru link
Yayoi Kusama link

Jim Lambie link link
Adriana Lara link
Liz Magic Laser link
Jonathan Lasker link
Grant LaValley link
Louise Lawler link
Jason Lazarus link
Jason Lazcano link
Mark Leckey link
Jim Lee link link link
Yoon Lee link
Oliver Lenz link
Jana Leo link
Chris Leon link
Zoe Leonard link link
Eugène Leroy link
Kate Levant link
Sherrie Levine link
Dani Levinthal link
Jeffrey Lew link
Sam Lewitt link
Sol LeWitt link link link link link link link link
Alan Licht link
Roy Lichtenstein link link link
Glenn Ligon link
Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho link
Erik Lindman link link
Lucy Lippard link
Mark Lombardi link
Michelle Lopez link
Nate Lowman link
Nate Lowman and Dan Colen link
Sarah Lucas link
Lucky Dragons link
Liz Luisada link
Lauren Luloff link link link link
Brian Lund link

Anissa Mack link link
George Maciunas link
Chema Madoz link
René Magritte link
David Malek link
Piero Manzoni link
Robert Mapplethorpe link
Rose Marcus link link
Tom Marioni link
Teresa Margolles link link
David Markey link
Chris Martin link
Simon Martin link
Yuri Masnyj link
Rachel Mason link
Gordon Matta-Clark link link
Nick Mauss link
Elizabeth McAlpine link
Allan McCollum link
John McCracken link
Adam McEwen link link link link
Barry McGee link
Ryan McGinness link
Megan McLarney link
Josephine Meckseper link
Andy Meerow link
Julie Mehretu link link
Cildo Meireles link link
George Mekas link
Leeza Meksin link
Bjarne Melgaard link link
Douglas Melini link
H. Mellin link
Mario Merz link
Rebecca Miller link
Marilyn Minter link
Aleksandra Mir link
Joan Mitchell link
Simon Dybbroe Møller link
Matthew Monahan link
Jonathan Monk link
Joseph Montgomery link
Giorgio Morandi link
Moris link
Richard Allen Morris link
Robert Morris link link
Sarah Morris link
Olivier Mosset link
Carrie Moyer link
Sam Moyer link link
MPA link
Christopher Muller link
Matt Mullican link
Vik Muniz link
Takashi Murakami link
Dave Murray link

Peter Nadin link
Yoshitomo Nara link link
Bruce Nauman link
Alice Neel link
Dona Nelson link
Ernesto Neto link
Max Neuhaus link
Barnett Newman link link link
Bob Nickas link
Tim Noble & Sue Webster link
Cady Noland link
The Nowolipie Group link
Dominic Nurre link

Ruben Ochoa link link
Ken Okiishi link link
Claes Oldenburg link link link
Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen link link
Yoko Ono link
Dennis Oppenheim link link
Meret Oppenheim link
Sarah Oppenheimer link
Gabriel Orozco link link
Kaz Oshiro link link
Silke Otto-Knapp link
Virginia Overton link

Roxy Paine link
Megan Palaima link
Elena Pankova link
Eduardo Paolozzi link
Greg Parma Smith link
Philippe Parreno link link
Ian Pedigo link
A.R. Penck link link
Adam Pendleton link
Scott Penkava link
Asher Penn link
Ivan Perez link
Jenny Perlin link
Gary Petersen link
Raymond Pettibon link link link link
Richard Pettibone link link
Elizabeth Peyton link
Susan Philipsz link
Francis Picabia link link
Pablo Picasso link link link
Otto Piene link
Jack Pierson link link link
Adrian Piper link link
Michelangelo Pistoletto link
Max Pitegoff link
Paolo Pivi link
Lindomar Placencia link
Platform 21 link
Janine Polak link
Serge Poliakoff link
Sigmar Polke link link link link
Kottie Polloma link
William Pope.L link
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge link link
Charlotte Posenenske link
Virginia Poundstone link
Jamie Powell link
Ken Price link
Stephen Prina link
Richard Prince link link link link link link
Marcel Proust link
Rob Pruitt link link link link
Lina Puerta link
Martin Puryear link

Marc Quinn link

Luisa Rabbia link
Sara Greenberger Rafferty link link
Jon Rafman link
Reid Ramirez link
Charles Ray link link
Man Ray link
Ad Reinhardt link
Nick Relph link
Grayson Revoir link link link
Carlos Reyes link
Anselm Reyle link
Robin Rhode link
Gerhard Richter link link
Jean Paul Riopelle link
Pipilotti Rist link link
Kenya (Robinson) link link
Robot + Horse link
Ry Rocklen link
Adele Roeder link
Ugo Rondinone link link link
Ronkom link
Brion Nuda Rosch link
Tanja Roscic link
Kay Rosen link
Aura Rosenberg link
James Rosenquist link
Tony Rosenthal link
Amanda Ross-Ho link
Jon Routson link
Holton Rower link
Jennifer Rubell link link link
Sterling Ruby link
Ulrich Rückriem link
Ed Ruscha link link
John Russell link
Cordy Ryman link
Robert Ryman link

Allen Saalburg link
Ira Sachs and Lynne Sachs link
Tom Sachs link
Georgia Sagri link
Carolyn Salas link
David Salle link
Fred Sandback link
Tom Sanford link
Ana Santos link
Yorgos Sapountzis link
Eduardo Sarabia link link
Alan Saret link
George Segal link
David Scanavino link
Joe Scalan link
Jonathan Schipper link link
David Schoerner link
Matthew Schrader link
Sydney Schrader link
Erik Schmidt link
Carolee Schneeman link
Matthew Schreiber link
Ben Schumacher link link
Max Schuss link
Kurt Schwitters link
Michael Scoggins link
Reed Seifer link
Richard Serra link link link link link link link link
Paul Sharits link
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