Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Humidifier Art, Crow on Hirst, "13 Confusions" in the Art World, etc. [Collected]

Cory Arcangel, Timeless Standards / Real Taste, 2011, in "Highways Connect and Divide," at Foxy Production, New York, through March 12. Photo: 16 Miles [more]
  • The popularity of humidifier art continues to grow. Sydney Schrader and Joseph Verrill offered up three travel humidifiers in their recent Cleopatra's show, and now Cory Arcangel is presenting a retro-futuristic model, above, filled with Coke Zero, in a crisply arranged group show at Foxy Production. [FP]

  • Sarah Thornton files a pithy report from the College Art Association conference, where art historian Thomas Crow art argued that the divisive opinions on Damien Hirst's work are examples of the "irreconcilable positions accomplished by real works of art." [Scene & Herd]

  • "13 Confusions" about contemporary art today, from Dan Fox, who modestly states that they are "packed with tendentious generalizations and untrustworthy opinions." It includes a riff on Nina Power's 2008 proclamation that "the art world is not the world." [Frieze]

  • Jonah Koppel at Klaus Von Nichtssagend's new Lower East Side location. [Anaba]

  • Artist Ben Schumacher installed work by more than 30 artists — including Carol Bove, Zak Kitnick, Jon Rafman, and Daniel Turner — on the frozen Saint Lawrence River, at the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. [Saint Lawrence Ice via Image Conscious]

  • Three videos of Andrea Fraser lecturing. [Strange Messenger]

  • An interview with Joshua Abelow, who just had a smart show at James Fuentes, and whose work goes on view on Friday at the new Brooklyn space WILDLIFE, along with pieces by Ivin Ballen, Ethan Greenbaum, and Janine Polak. [You Have Been Here Sometime]

  • Here I give thanks to Mondrian (1961) — gigantic reproductions of Colin McCahon paintings, and the last post from the wonderful History of Our World. [HoOW]

  • Gerhard Richter and Isa Genzken "made a subway station together. A subway station about their relationship." [Greg.org]


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