Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Neapolitan," Martha Rosler's Boredom, Gilbert & George, etc. [Collected]

Sydney Schrader and Joseph Verrill, Untitled, in "Neopolitan, Neapolitan," at Cleopatra's, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Photo: 16 Miles
  • "Neapolitan Neapolitan," with work by Win McCarthy and Sydney Schrader & Joseph Verrill, is open through February 13 at Cleopatra's. It's quiet, elegant work: tiny sculptures that are just barely there, like Schrader and Verrill's Untitled, above, a set of three travel humidifiers humbly humming away. [Cleopatra's]

  • "Boring is a tactic," Martha Rosler explained during her recent Electronic Arts Intermix presentation. Nicole Caruth reports. [Contemporary Confections]

  • "When asked which is Gilbert and which is George one of them may reply: 'It's so unimportant.'" — from "Downtown Is Far Out," a preview of the 420 West Broadway building in SoHo, New York, September 13, 1971 [NYMag]

  • Bozidar Brazda interviews Erik Lindman in the latter's Manhattan studio. [Flash Art]

  • Ed Ruscha, guest DJing on KCRW, spins records by Jessie Belvin and Mason Williams. [KCRW via C-Monster]

  • Curator and Dia director Philippe Vergne on obtaining a rare Yves Klein from the monastery of Santa Rita di Cascia for "Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers": "I don't think the Mother Superior would have allowed it to leave the convent without a meeting with one of the exhibition organizers. She was basically saying to us curators, 'If you really want this work of art, you're going to have to come and tell me why. It cannot be treated as one more object. You're not going to just send a loan form, you're going to have to come and sweat a little bit because this object is extremely important.'" [Walker Art Center via]

  • Wallspace has announced that it will host Joe Scanlan's "first one-person gallery show in the city in ten years," from Friday, February 11, to March 12. Donelle Woolford, a fictional artist created by Scanlan, showed at Wallspace in 2008. Explaining the artist, Scanlan told Jeremy Sigler: "Donelle Woolford began ten years ago when I first appropriated her name from a professional football player I admired. After the first collages happened in my studio, I liked them but they seemed like they would be more interesting if someone else made them, someone who could better exploit their historical and cultural references. So I studied the collages for a while and let them tell me who their author should be. [Bomb]

  • Tonight: Lynne Cooke and Douglas Crimp discuss "Mixed Use, Manhattan: Photography and Related Practices, 1970s to the Present," their 2010 Reina Sofia exhibition, which focused closely on "Projects: Pier 18, conceived by Willoughby Sharp in 1971 and comprising twenty-seven artists’ projects made on a dilapidated Hudson River pier." [New School]

  • Gellochio. [Anaba]

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