Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ryan Gander’s Double (or Triple?) Threat in New York

Ryan Gander, The Happy Prince, at Doris C. Freedman Plaza, New York, Public Art Fund. Photos: 16 Miles [more]

Depending on how one is counting, British artist Ryan Gander will soon have either two or three exhibitions open in New York. The Public Art Fund has installed The Happy Prince, a public art monument, in the southeast corner of Central Park, and the Guggenheim is set to open “Intervals: Ryan Gander,” a new site-specific installation in its reading room, on Friday. Meanwhile, uptown, there is a far stranger show at the consistently pleasurable alternative space Triple Candie called “An Exhibition That Will Tell You Nothing About Ryan Gander.” According to that show’s introductory placard, the work on view is “related to but not representative of Ryan Gander’s work.” It also notes, in what could be an all-time-great curatorial statement: “If you are unfamiliar with Gander’s art, let us say this: it is simultaneously nothing and everything at the same time.” The works on display are almost completely black so they do not photograph especially well. Make the trip to 148th Street.

"An Exhibition That Will Tell You Nothing About Ryan Gander" at Triple Candie, New York. Photos: 16 Miles [more]

Ryan Gander, "The Happy Prince"
Organized by the Public Art Fund
Doris C. Freedman Plaza, Central Park, near 60th Street and 5th Avenue
New York, New York
Through April 10, 2011

"An Exhibition That Will Tell You Nothing About Ryan Gander"
Triple Candie
500 West 148th Street
New York, New York
Through October 31, 2011

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