Thursday, September 30, 2010

Robert Barry's Linguistic Wallpaper, Nam June Paik Naked, etc. [Collected]

A still from Marcel Broodthaers' 1969 film La Pluie (Projet pour un texte), at Marian Goodman. Photo: 16 Miles
  • "Chasing the Dutch Muse by Rail": In 1986, the inimitable Israel Shenker set out to see the museums of the Netherlands via train, helped along only by "the Groot Museumboek (Big Museum Book), a 432-page, color-illustrated inventory of Dutch museums." [NYT]

  • Thirty miles of yarn is almost twice as long as sixteen miles of string. [Fast Company, via C-Monster]
  • New York Times critic Sam Sifton's four-star review of Del Posto is the big news in restaurant criticism right now, but let's not overlook the fact that he dropped another art reference last week, in his review of Vandaag: "Eating it in this room is to be thrilled by the unfamiliar, and to experience what the art critic Robert Hughes called the shock of the new." [NYT] (A complete list of Sifton's art references is also available.)
  • Jed Perl is not impressed with MoMA's Abstract Expressionist survey. [The New Republic]
  • Super–detailed photographs of Ab-Ex paintings in MoMA's survey. [Look Into My Owl]
  • Rebecca Warren discusses her new Renaissance Society show: "These new ones are uglier and more awkward, like chewed-up Meissen ware." [Artforum]
  • Nam June Paik, naked and out of control in Iceland, 1965. []

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