Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MoMA, MoAA, Museum Sleepovers, etc. [Collected]

Pablo Picasso, Guitar and Sheet Music, 1912. Cut-and-pasted wallpaper and sheet music, pastel, and charcoal on paperboard, 22 13/16 x 24 in., in "Picasso Guitars: 1912-1914," at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. MoMA has it in greater detail. Photo: 16 Miles
  • The ten most-viewed artworks on the web site of the Museum of Modern Art. [Modern Art Notes]

  • Images from Berlin's Museum of American Art, which is creating copies of artworks and replicas of exhibitions that appeared at MoMA from the 1920s to the 1960s. [MoAA]

  • An interview with Walter Benjamin, the official spokesperson of MoAA, on such topics as the 1955-56 MoMA show that traveled from Paris to Belgrade and the future of art museums ("time capsules"), among other issues. [Metropolis M]

  • Images from the Museum of American Art's current show at London's xero, kline & coma, which also includes work on Seth Sieglaub's 1960s catalogue–based exhibitions. [This Is Tomorrow]

  • "Oh, That's Right, Philip Johnson Was a Nazi": On the political interests of the architect who founded MoMA's architecture and design department. [Greg.org]

  • Kurtis Blow performs in the legendary Bronx nightclub Disco Fever, in scenes from Krush Groove (1985), which I saw on Sunday evening as part of MoMA's astounding film program for its "Looking at Music 3.0" exhibition. Other highlights include Tom Rubnitz's Wigstock: The Movie (1987), Charles Atlas's Put Blood into the Music (1989), and Robert Beck's The Feeling of Power (1990). [YouTube]

  • "It's about time women artists got something other than their legs (un) covered in the media (viz. Newsweek)": from a 1972 letter from writer Lucy R. Lippard, of 138 Prince Street (whose ground floor currently houses a French Connection) to activist and Ms. co-founder Gloria Steinem. [Archive of American Art via @ArchivesAmerArt]

  • Writer and curator Bob Nickas explores SoHo, where he has lived since 1985. [Vice]

  • Carolina Miranda spends a night sleeping over at the Rubin Museum of Art. Cookies are nibbled, tea is sipped, sitar music is savored, art is enjoyed, and dreams are dreamed. [WNYC via C-Monster]

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