Monday, August 16, 2010

"Work of Art" as Salon, Make Your Own Gerhard Richter, etc. [Collected]

Rachel Whiteread, Untitled (Pair), 1999. Bronze with cellulose paint. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Photos: 16 Miles
  • "Work of Art = the Paris Salon," Brooklyn Museum curators argue in their reality-television-curated exhibition, making every other show in the world a salon des refusés. [LACMA on Fire]

  • Also, Work of Art is already casting for its second season. [Two Coats of Paint]

  • Make your own Gerhard Richter color chart painting. []

  • When and why did artists start signing their work? [Eyelevel]

  • Antony Gormley's creepy body casts have been standing in New York and Edinburgh for a few months. Now there is a batch of 100 in Austrian Alps. [Art Observed]

  • In less than 50 years, artists have moved from wrapping a painting to wrapping a building and creating a lifelike sculpture that appear to leap off of it. [Strange Messenger]

  • This flan pâtissier looks like a Craig Kauffman wall piece. It also looks delicious. [Contemporary Confections]

  • "My [sic] mistake." [Murketing via Ms. Jen Bekman]

  • Karen Rosenberg on Lee Bontecou: "Those works resonate for much the same reasons Mad Men does. As Donald Judd once wrote, Ms. Bontecou 'linked something as social as war to something as private as sex, making one an aspect of the other.' [NYT]

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