Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Coloring Contest, a Secret Chapel, etc. [Collected]

Charles Jencks, Landform Ueda, 1999–2002, at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. Photo: 16 Miles [more]

  • Only six days remain to force your child (or a child you know) to enter Jake and Dinos Chapman's coloring contest. The winner gets a coloring book signed by the artists. [Guardian]

  • Artist Dean Radinovsky discusses the impending demolition of the secret chapel he built in an old warehouse along the West Side Highway: "I think it's definitely going to live on — in a way." [Gallerina]

  • Jonathan Jones suggests that scientists hoping to study Stendhal syndrome, which causes people viewing beautiful art to pass out (or at least feel faint), may have picked the wrong location for their tests. [Guardian]

  • In addition, Jones sets up a rivalry between Richard Wright and Martin Creed, two prominent participants in this year's Edinburgh Art Festival, and picks a winner. [Guardian]

  • Roberta Smith endorses Artists Space director Stefan Kalmár's dramatic transformation of the "long-moribund" alternative gallery: "It occurred to me that if Alfred H. Barr Jr., founding director of the Museum of Modern Art, were dropped into Mr. Kalmár’s shoes, he would have come up with something similar." [NYT]

  • Gallerist John Connelly is closing his gallery and joining the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation. Neighbor Edward Winkleman pens a tribute: "[H]he has always represented to me the very best of what a young art dealer could achieve..." [Edward Winkleman]

  • April 4: California's Proposition 8 is overturned in court. April 5: Pop artist Andy Warhol celebrates his 82nd birthday. [YHBHS]

  • Oliver Wunsch interviews MIT List Center curator João Ribas. Discussed: Clement Greenberg, T. S. Eliot, and the art world's obsession with 1968 and 1989. [Art21]

  • Holland Cotter files the best line of the past week, in an epic review of six shows at the Met: "Though you will have to admit — anyone would — that this intense concentration of imperial bling must have made for some pretty blinding parties." [NYT]

  • Jo Baer on the Elgin Marbles: "I thought they were really fussy and funky, and I didn’t like them." A great, 500-word interview: I have no idea how I missed this when it was published last month. [Artforum]

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