Monday, July 26, 2010

"Victorian Worthies," Bathroom Art, CalArts, etc. [Collected]

Detail view of Wopo Holup, Cast Nature III, 1991. Cast cement. Marble Hill stop on the 1 Line of the NYC subway. Photo: 16 Miles
  • "It's a knockout!" Adrian Searle declares of the newly renovated South London Gallery. He also shared a bit of history about its founders: "Lots of old Victorian worthies!" Best art-critic podcast in the business. [Guardian]
  • Photographs of the South London Gallery, complete with Sam Dargan's history of the Paris Commune in the museum's bathroom and text pieces by Barry, Weiner, and more. [this is tomorrow]
  • Disney's video to support the creation of the California Institute of Arts. [24700]
  • John Baldessari's CalArts students recall their "very low key, very gentle" teacher. [Unframed]
  • Did homophobia help LACMA land Thomas Eakins' The Wrestlers? [LACMA on Fire]
  • Digging through Gerhard Richter's voluminous website in search of answers. And almost finding them. []
  • "[P]hysical possession of an object as a requirement for an acquisition is no longer necessary..." The dematerialization of museum acquisition. [ArtNews via The Art Law Blog]
  • Ireland's 2011 Venice Biennale entrant, Corban Walker, is showing in Chelsea at the Winkleman Curatorial Research Lab in a show curated by painter and blogger Joy Garnett. [Edward Winkleman and NEWSgrist]
  • A brief guide to the letter Ø, in honor of Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta. [Open Space via C-Monster]

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