Friday, July 23, 2010

David Bourdon's Complete New York Art Season, 1976-77

Excerpt of October and November 1976 from David Bourdon, "A Critic's Diary: The New York Art Year," in Art in America, Summer 1977
"Mr. Bourdon wrote for many art magazines and was a frequent contributor to Art in America, for whose 1977 summer issue he produced a memorable diary-style, show-by-show review of the entire New York art season, a marathon task he never attempted again."

Holland Cotter, "David Bourdon, 63, Art Critic With Expertise in Modern Genres,"
The New York Times, April 3, 1998

I'm tempted to post art critic David Bourdon's entire diary of the 1976-77 New York art season, but I suspect that "fair use" doesn't quite cover eleven pages of text and photographs. It's worth a trip to your nearest research library to read, though: it's filled with enough anecdotes and mysteries to launch a thousand blog posts. Above, I've put up my favorite section, a tiny excerpt from October and November 1976, which includes Australian art critic Robert Hughes, collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel, artist Carl Andre, museum director Pontus Hulten, and more.

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