Wednesday, August 5, 2009

6 Works, 6 Rooms at David Zwirner [Photographs]

Richard Serra, Corner Prop, 1969. Photographs: 16 Miles [more photographs]

"The form of the work in its precariousness denies the notion of a transportable object, subverting the self-referential, self-righteous notion of authority and permanence of objects." - Richard Serra, Artistes, 1980.

Dan Flavin, monument 4 for those who have been killed in ambush (to P.K. who reminded me about death), 1966.

I look on the specious electrical light
Blatant, mechanical, crawling and white,
Wickedly red or malignantly green
Like the beads of a young Senegambian queen.
- Vachel Linday, "A rhyme about an electrical advertising light," submitted by Flavin for the Primary Structures show at The Jewish Museum in 1966, which featured monument 4 those... .

On Kawara, June 19, 1967 from Today Series, No. 108, - “Black Power in the United States”, 1967.

Sol LeWitt, Wall / Floor ("Three Squares"), 1966.

Fred Sandback, Untitled (Sculptural Study, Five-part Construction), 1987 / 2009.

"When I got to the galleries with the installations of his work, I started to cry. I sat down on a bench there, and I wept." - Andrea Fraser, Grey Room 22, 2005

525 West 19th Street
New York, New York
Through August 14, 2009

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