Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SoHo v. Berlin, Wave Hill, Public Art in Times Square, etc. [Collected]

Installation views of Meghan Gordon, Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh would have liked to explore the Palisades, 2011, at Wave Hill in the Bronx, through May 8, 2011 Photos: 16 Miles [more]
  • Michael Kimmelman compares 1970s SoHo and contemporary Berlin. "Lately, in the former East Berlin, a private club for upwardly mobile art types, of the sort that used to be anathema to Berliners, has opened," he writes. "It’s called ... Soho House. The club could be anywhere in the world, anywhere the new rich live. That’s its point. [NYT]

  • As long as it lasts... is a temporary tattoo parlor in Berlin that offers works by Lawrence Weiner, Cao Fei, Christian Jankowski, Dr. Lakra (thank goodness), and others. [Arratia, Beer via ROLU]

  • Van Hanos chats in his Harlem studio with Alex Hubbard and Ryan Kitson. [The Highlights]

  • Never miss a film screening in New York ever again. [Alt Screen via @AviZenilman]

  • Classic Throwback: "For a six-year run beginning in 1987, Christian Leigh was one of the most visible — and ambitious — independent curators in the international art world. Then he vanished." — Alexi Worth, 2003 [Artforum]

The exhibition is inspired, in part, by the belief of some that a lengthy set of murals in Wave Hill's Ecology Building may have been painted by Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh. Others say it was Howard McCormick. Another inspiration: an underground tunnel on the Wave Hill estate.
  • May 4 and 5: "Is Basic Instinct 2, routinely derided as a cine-atrocity, a Lacanian reworking of Ballard, Baudrillard and Bataille in service of the creation of a 'phantasmatic, cybergothic London'?" Mark Fisher at NYU. [K-Punk]

  • May 6 and 7: Liz Magic Laser and company perform on the TKTS stairs in Times Square. [LML]

  • May 7: Van Hanos at West Street Gallery. [WSG]

  • Through May 7: Jules Marquis, the nom de plume of Colin Snapp and Daniel Turner, has a video playing on American Eagle Outfitters' video screen in Times Square every 15 minutes, at 5:40, 17:10, 37:05, and 52:05 after the hour. [Nuit Blanche]

  • May 13: Artist Joshua Abelow, the man behind Art Blog Art Blog, has temporarily acquired an exhibition space in Chelsea, and will be hosting fortnight-long shows there. Up first is "Gold Records," a group show of artists assembled by curator Jon Lutz that appeared on his late blog, The Old Gold. Expect Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Stacy Fisher, Jaime Gecker, and others. [ABAB]

Gordon has lined the walls with hand-painted wallpaper, styled on circa 1865 designs.

Just outside the Sunroom Project Space housing Gordon's work there is an exhibition of work by a trio of hallucinogenic masters: Terry Winters, Philip Taaffe, and Fred Tomaselli. A few blocks away, a train station with art by Dennis Oppenheim.

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