Friday, October 15, 2010

A Youthful AA Bronson, Cleaning a Wheeler, etc. [Collected]

Video still from Patty Chang's Shangri-La, 2006, at apexart, through October 30. Photo: 16 Miles

  • An early General Idea video, featuring a young AA Bronson. [Strange Messenger]

  • The Getty cleans a 1964 Douglas Wheeler painting. [Iris via MAN]
  • A profile of Audio Visual Arts, the scrappy East Village space that hosted a great John Fahey painting show this summer. [Rhizome]
  • Ben Davis on "art in the two-track economy." [Artnet]
  • Lava, gas masks, Matthew Barney, Detroit. [Artforum]
  • "[W]e have reacted AGAINST New York’s overwhelmingly commercial art world by not selling art, but by also not showing it either." Paddy Johnson interviews Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett of Triple Candie. [AFC]

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