Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Weisman Expands, a Tour of LACMA West, etc. [Collected]

Frank Gehry's Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, is currently building an expansion. Photo: 16 Miles
"The art world is no more or less cloistered than the entertainment world, the landscape-gardening world, or the real-estate world."
  • Above: Acquavella Galleries director Michael Findlay defending the art world's honor in a letter to the New Yorker. [via The Art Law Blog]
  • Brutalism in the United Kingdom. [ArchDaily via C-Monster]

  • Jamie Hearn's complete pencil case. [Ms. Jen Bekman]

  • "LACMA has doubled its representation of pre-1800 women artists." [LACMA on Fire]

  • Very beautiful and very delicious-looking pastries at Charlie James Gallery [TRY HAR DER]

  • A helpful graph explains that the average American eats 85.5 pounds of oils and fats each year. [GOOD]

  • The strange story of a statue of George Washington sporting a toga, "the most reviled public statue ever erected." [Eyelevel]

  • A super laid back, super beautiful work by Bernadette Beunk, paired with a cover of Arthur Russell. [Y.H.B.H.S.]

  • Last week, Meghan Morgan took a tour of unused portions of LACMA West and discovered whiskey, a walk of fame, and a "candy refrig." switch. [Unframed]

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