Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anissa Mack, Your Past a Star, at Small A Projects [Photographs]

We were on the Lower East Side this weekend, so expect photographs and notes about that along with some other things this week.  Anissa Mack's show was a nice surprise: tight, taut curios like the faux-jeans below and a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, sliced in two and turned into a set of necklaces, among other things.  More photographs on the flickr account. Click the photographs for bigger versions.

Anissa Mack, Your Past a Star
Small A Projects
261 Broome Street
New York, New York
Through July 2, 2009
Photo: 16 Miles     [more]

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Martin said...

this does look good. this and the ray at marks are making me want to come down to new york.