Friday, April 10, 2009

The Boiler at Pierogi [Photographs]

The Boiler [installation view]. Photo: 16 Miles   [more]

Jonathan Schipper, Invisible Sphere (215 Points of View), 2005-2009. Photo: 16 Miles   [more]

Jonathan Schipper, Invisible Sphere (215 Points of View) [detail], 2005-2009. Photo: 16 Miles   [more]

While the rest of the art world collapses, Pierogi is taking over more Brooklyn real estate, showing three crisp works by three different artists in a warehouse space they have dubbed The Boiler.  Yoon Lee presents an impasto-heavy, almost-Baroque take on Julie Mehetru, while Jonathan Schipper's gigantic spherical video-monitor sculpture hangs from the epic ceilings via heavy chain.  It's a perfect use of the space.  

Tavares Strachan, meanwhile, wields more ideas than I have seen in quite a while to arrive at a piece that would be a marvel to look at even without all of the conceptual conceits.  Here's an explanation of part of the piece from Jerry Saltz, who also loved it:
In 2004, Strachan cut a 2.5-ton block of ice from the Alaskan Arctic, shipped it to the Bahamas (where he's from), and exhibited it there in a hermetically sealed refrigerated room powered by solar cells. Pictures suggest that it was interesting there; now, installed in a former boiler room, it's like hell freezing over. Far above the case two fans blow two flags: one at the current wind speed of Mount McKinley, the other at the Bahamas' Nassau airport's.

Yoon Lee, JFK, 2008. Photo: 16 Miles    [more]

Tavares Strachan, The Distance Between What We Have and What We Want (Arctic Ice Project), 2004-2009. Photo: 16 Miles    [more]

The Boiler at Pierogi
191 North 14th Street
Brooklyn, New York
Through April 19, 2009

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