Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Lost Art of New York Map [Updated]

Detail view of the Lost Art of New York Map. Click to view the map in Google Maps.

Reading Greg Allen’s post about Jeffrey Deitch’s big plans to turn MoCA’s annual gala into a full-fledged happening called The Artist’s Museum Happening (or We, depending on whom you believe), it seems clear that Deitch is enjoying his time in Los Angeles and won’t be returning to New York anytime soon.

After thinking that, I realized that it has been quite some time since I updated the Lost Art of New York Map, which aims to track the former locations of studios, galleries, residences, and ephemeral art events that once were here and now are gone. In just the last year (to name a few notable endings), Deitch Projects has closed, the X Initiative has finished its run, Jennifer Rubell’s feast has been consumed, galleries across the city have shuttered, and Terence Koh’s march through a frigid East Village has become only a distant memory.

I have updated the map with a handful of new items, but I would love contributions for the thousands of addresses that are not listed. The next time you come across an artist’s old address, the location of a forgotten piece of performance art, or the spot where something related to art history occurred, please drop me an email. Thank you!

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