Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ed Ruscha's College Joys, Doig Discovers Boscoe Holder, etc.

Installation view of fierce pussy, Get Up Everybody and Sing, 2010. Photocopy on paper, tape, dimensions variable. On view in "ACT UP NEW YORK," at White Columns. Photo: 16 Miles
  • Martin Bromirski shares Ed Ruscha Says Goodbye to College Joys, an advertisement that first appeared in the January 1967 issue of Artforum, whose square layout Ruscha designed. Interestingly, LACMA owns a 2004 print of the original photograph. [Anaba]

  • Peter Doig, Hilton Als, and Angus Cook discuss the largely unknown work of Trinidadian painter Boscoe Holder (1921–2007), whose works "fall into two categories: portraits of members of his family, and erotically-charged paintings of naked men," according to Cook. The naked portraits were unearthed by Doig. Amazing story. [New York Review of Books]
  • "With summer on the wane and autumn on the way, Nature’s where you want to be," Holland Cotter writes in the New York Times, describing the way that Maya Lin's Storm King Wavefield changes throughout the year. Photographer Librado Romero has been documenting its development. [NYT]
  • Tyler Green provides a look at shows that may be overlooked this season. I need to find a way to get to Houston for Sarah Oppenheimer's new installation at Rice. [Modern Art Notes]

  • Christian Viveros-Fauné is not impressed with the Brooklyn Museum's late-Warhol show: "[T]he current hagiography is predictably full of superlatives orotundly mouthed by the show's otherwise eminent curator." [Village Voice]
  • Actor Vincent Price shares some advice for aspiring art salespeople in a Sears Roebuck video: "The better you know it, the more you know about it, the easier it is to sell." [YouTube via]
  • Here is the first coherent explanation of Ann Liv Young. [Artforum]

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