Monday, July 27, 2009

The Living and the Dead at Gavin Brown's enterprise [Photographs]

David Choi, Squirrel, 2009. Photos: 16 Miles [more]

The Living and the Dead [installation view] at Gavin Brown's enterprise.

Matthew Cerletty, David Brooks, 2009.

Rachel Feinstein, The Orphan, 2009.

ronkom, Economics 101, 2009.

Scott Penkava, Untitled (Portrait of Felix in NY), 2009.

George Condo, The Apparition, 2009.

Jerry Blackman, Untitled (To Amelia), 2008.

Rob Pruitt, Mark Rothko, 2008.

Nick Relph, 620 Fags, disallowed, 2009.

The Living and the Dead
Gavin Brown's enterprise
620 Greenwich Street
New York, New York
Through August 7, 2009
Photographs: 16 Miles [more]

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